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Steve Wheeler is the Director of Ministry for White Fields Inc. He graduated from The Master's Seminary and was on staff at Grace Community Church for ten years. While at Grace he ministered as principle of the christian school, bookstore manager, and director of communications. As well he has served as a senior pastor and before as a youth and associate pastor.

Steve's sermons and ministry resources can be accesed via his website He enjoys photography and as his missions work has taken him to many countries you are sure to find pictures of a lion or two on his site.




Coral Wheeler, mom to four very active kids, has also homeschooled all four of her children. Her and Steve met at college and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

When she's not outside taking care of her fruit trees or inside cooking a healthy meal she likes to find our cat charger and sit down with a good book.

There's too much to say about mom and dad in this little space but remember that as you read about us four kids below your reading about them too.




Josh is a nineteen year old Junior at the Master's College in California. Josh is the owner & director of, a service providing both high quality presentations for weddings, banquets and the like, as well as inexpensive digital photo albums.

He has many interests and loves any large creative project. He recently was the Student Producer for the college's Come ChristmasSing and Producer of the DVD. In his spare time he likes to write, draw and take photos. You can see some of his work at




Rachel is eighteen years old now and has finished her studies at the local Junior College. This fall she will begin attending The Master's College. She plays the violin and has recently started taking fiddle. She plays with CYO, a internationally recognized youth orchestra, and her and mom will be touring Russia, Sweden and Finland with them this summer.

She has been crocheting and knitting for a long time and even spins her own yarn with wool from her very own angora rabbits. If you would like to see pictures of her bunny rabbits or want to order some of her handmade scarfs or other items just visit her website -




Nate is a fifteen year old junior in high school. His favorite animal is the turtle and he collects almost anything that has to do with turtles. His muscles are as solid as a turtle's shell because as a level eight gymnast nate works three hours a day on the various disciplines and strength training.

Nate especially enjoys reading and among his favorite authors are J.R. Tolkien and Brian Jacqes. He apreciates cartography and literary analysis and can often be found reconstructing timelines and maps of middle earth from J.R. Tolkien's Samarillion.



Hannah is the youngest member of the family at thirteen years old. She plays the flute and just started taking voice lessons. She is also a pianist and is always looking for more piano books to sight read.

She likes movies (and books too) especially Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson and the Little House on the Prairie tv series.

Hannah wants her very own horse, but for now she attends horse camp reads about horses and rides whenever she can.




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