We are on the final construction process for the inside of the house. Installation of the floor and the plumbing fixtures will be done this week. Then the electical fixtures and final painting touch up will get underway. Maybe by the first of February we'll be into the house.

=Photos from January 9=


Here are the counter top pictures. Hope you like them.

=Constrction Photos Counter Top 1-6-07=


Just a quick update before we head off to orchestra practice at the church. Nathan and Hannah will be playing in three concerts starting Friday night at First EV Free church of Maplewood. Josh and Rachel wanted to see Nathan Tiling the downstairs bathrooms.

=Constructions Photos Nathan Tiling=


The pictures today show the cabinets being stained. They were all installed last week and this week will get them stained and sealed. We still have a lot of painting to do. The outside is almost done. I took pictures all the way around the house to show the progress of the siding. We will have to wait until the Spring to paint. The poor siding guys have to work in 8 degree weather.

=Construction Photos December 7=


Here is the latest. Congratulations Joshua and Rachel for completing 8 concerts.

=Construction Photos December 4=


Thanksgiving is over and some of the sub contractors are busy at work. The rock is almost done on the outside. They will apply another row of stone on the top. The siding continues to come along and the trim work inside is almost done. The cabinets will start going in on Monday. We are making progress.

=Construction Photos November 25=


Happy Thanksgiving

As promised the rock is being applied today and the siding keeps making great progress. It is really beginning to look like a house.

Here are the pre-Thanksgiving day pictures.

=November 22 Photos=



The rock is going to be installed this week. The undercoat was applied Saturday. The siding is still going on and we should be able to get our cabinets into the kitchen this next week too. Thanks for your prayers as many details and serious decisions are being made daily.

=Construction Photos November 18=


A lot of changes are happening rapidly as the siding and trim are going on simultaneously. The power company has also installed the gas and electrice lines. Please continue to pray that God will direct the details of the project. Our goal is to get in and use our house for hospitality.

=Construction Photos November 16=


The outside is coming along and in the link below you will see the photos of the gas line connection. Please continue to pray for all the details of this project to work together. There are a lot of details and finishing all the work can get tricky as different sub-contractors work in and out of the project.

=Construction Photos November 15=


We finally have the siding going on the outside. We have been waiting for them to get started before the snow really kicks in. The trim is really taking shape inside. Thanks for your prayers.

=Construction Photos November 14=


The trim has been delivered and we will begin seeing what the wood around the doors and windows will look like. It should take several weeks to install. We will show you some of the progress as it happens. We are also waiting on the external siding to get installed. That will make a big change.


=Second Batch November 4=

=Construction Photos November 4=


We keep making progress. If you are new to our site, don't miss the links to pictures below that show the earlier developments building the house. The painters have now put the first coat of primer on the walls and the fireplace upstairs is beginning to take shape. Thanks for your prayers. We are seeking to make wise decisions that will allow us to use this house for the ministry of hospitality.

=Another Batch=

=Construction Photos November 2=


It has been a busy two weeks. If you have been looking for some new pictures like Josh and Rachel and are about ready to give up, (sorry). Here are the latest. We have all the taping and mudding done inside. Coral has completed the flooring choices and the trim will get done soon. The well is important even though the picture of the finished result is not really impressive, the well itself is mostly underground and will come in really handy when we want water to come out of the faucet.


=Construction Photos October 27=


We are starting to seal the house. The drywall is all in as you will see in these pictures. We met with a great lighting assistant - Tara - who helped us pick all our light fixtures and you will see all the electical boxes for the lights and switches etc. The drywall will get taped and mudded on Monday. There is a heater in the basement now to keep the mud from freezing. Hop you enjoy the slow continuation of the progress. We are getting there.


=Construction Photos Saturday October 14=


IT'S A SNOW DAY. Well not really at least not for the locals. But it is the first day of some real snow for Nathan and & Hannah. Not bad for October 12. Some pictures of construction in the snow. If they button up the house and get the power going then they can work inside with no problems.

=Snow Day=


The latest photos from the house construction. We had a few days last week with Rachel and Josh here in Minnesota. The weather was great, very sunny and the Fall colors were awesome. If you want to see some of the pictures Josh took, visit his website at joshuawheeler.com

These photos now show the insulation in the walls. The drywall has arrived and we are really making progress. The walls should be up this week. Hopefully the siding will go up on the outside soon.


=Construction Photos October 11=


I hope you are keeping up with these. I am updating two days in a row. Of course I was reminded yesterday that Josh and Rachel had not seen the downstairs framing. Now you can see it along with the staircase and a beautiful view to the East from our front porch area. Some wonderful fall color. Enjoy! The elctrical walk through is Monday. Pray for us as we make many decisions that day.

=Construction Photos September 26=


These are some photos that show the fall color beginning to peak through. They are of the St. Croix river and the hiking trails in the park next to our house.


=Some Photos Around the Area=


The Latest photos show new windows and doors including the cement on the basement floor. Tomorrow the builder will finish the framing downstairs.


=Construction Photos September 19=


The heating and duct work is not much to show pictures of but will be very important when the we need to heat the house this winter. Instead of house pictures today I have some of the St. Croix river valley. This is one of the most scenic river ways in the US. I am looking forward to seeing the fall colors. These shots are on September 14th about sunset. The fall colors are just peaking out with a few yellows. Keep watching and we will show you some of the dramatic changes as they happen.

=St. Croix River Valley in September=


These are the latest photos for those of you following the construction of our house. Some of these may only be of interest to the construction guys in our family and friends but I also included some from the park that is next to our house. These also keep Josh and Rachel connected to the process while they are in college. Pray for them, they are a long way from home. Enjoy!

=Construction photos September 13, 2006=


These pictures show the plumbing. Not a spectacular change but a very necessary part of any house.


= The Wheeler Family's House Construction - September 7th, 2006 =


The following photos are since the completion of the roof. Once the plumbing and radiant heat is finished then the now dirt floor will be covered with a concrete slab and ready for the rest of the framers work.

Thanks Dad for uploading the photos to the site and writing about them! Rachel and I are excited to see the progress made; most of all we look forward to seeing you all.

Josh Wheeler
September 6th, 2006


= The Wheeler Family's House Construction - September 3rd, 2006 =


Thanks everyone for your prayers in regards to the sale of our house. We are excited to announce that the escrow has now successfully closed - despite some rather nervous days here near the end due to some general incompetence on the lending agent Washington Mutual's part.

Of course these times are great times to practice trust. After all, God is in control. So the real story isn't "feuw, that was close" but a request on our behalf that you would give praise to God for His demonstration in our lives and His reminder to us of His sovereignty

August 25th, 2006
Josh Wheeler


= The Wheeler's House Construction-August 24th, 2006 =



Hannah, Nate and I went for a hike in O' Brien State Park after we looked at the construction yesterday morning. Some of these photos are from the construction and some are from our "Backyard".

= The Wheeler's House Construction - August 16th, 2006 =

The Escrow has almost closed on our house in San Diego, so your prayers for its smooth closure are much appreciated.

August 17th, 2006 (morning)
Josh Wheeler


= The Wheeler's House Construction - August 15th, 2006 =


We (Hannah, Nate, Dad and I) have gotten the ABF trailer unloaded into the apartment where we will be staying till our house is finished. The three angora bunny rabbits are in a cozy shelter outside of which pictures will soon be posted at www.rachelsrabbits.com. Ellie, rachel's Dwarf Holland Lopp is upstairs in the apartment being spoiled with treats and toys.

We looked at the house today before heading into Stillwater to Famous Dave's BBQ (and then to Walmart for stuff like wastebaskets, light bulbs and hand soap). You can view the pictures from the link below!

- The Wheeler's House Construction - August 14th, 2006 -

Josh Wheeler
August 14th, 2006


Our house is pending sale here in California and we will be on our way to beautiful Minnesota soon. Thank you to all who have faithfully been keeping us in your prayers. This is a wonderful time of praise but we continue to value your prayers that all will continue smoothly both in this transition to a far different state and life.

Nate qualified for Regionals and finished gymnastics with a wonderful performance. Us kids have finished up projects and lessons and are saying goodbye to friends as we prepare to start packing monday morning.

Rachel and I will be helping move and then attending Masters this fall. It'll be a longer trip home, but we're looking forward to a White Christmas!

We'll be updating much more frequently to let you know how the house construction is coming. On behalf of the Wheeler Family,

Josh Wheeler
July 16, 2006


The house is on the market and we're praying the Lord will bring along the right buyer. Your prayers in this area are much appreciated as well.

The weather here in southern california sure is funny... We finally got snow up in the mountains - just as Spring is starting. We're expecting more snow this weekend as another storm front moves in.

Nate placed high enough in pre-lims that he will be competing in State's this weekend. If he scores high this weekend he should be on his way to Regionals from there.

Josh Wheeler
March 17, 2006



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